Parent's Restaurant.

I come from a family that used to run a Lexington, NC style BBQ restaurant and were successful for many years. I even had a distant cousin that was one of the pioneers of pork BBQing in Lexington. He actually had some employees that have become some of the most popular BBQ restaurant owners now in Lexington, NC.

I have recently decided that I would love to be able to pit cook as my family once did on a personal level. So, I set out to build a masonry pit with my dad's building experience and some help from friends at my local fabrication shop. As you can tell from a few photos from this site and a complete step by step photo journal on my website, it turned out to be a dream come true.

I have since slow cooked traditional Lexington style pork BBQ as well as ribs, chicken, and even turkey. My friend Rosco and I have even started smoking Boston Butts for a few families and friends at Christmas. This is something we enjoy doing during the Holidays and find it to be very rewarding.

I hope my sites can demonstrate (in the form of photos) the way to build a BBQ pit. I did many hours of research on the web myself before starting this build and found only a little bit of useful info. Hopefully this will be an added resource for you and others alike.



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